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This is the primary mechanism for reporting the progress and remaining effort on all active projects, so it is vitally important that the data is accurate.To enter time details, on a weekly basis each team member, including the project managers, selects ‘Timesheet’ from the ‘Task section’ of the project home page.The ‘Tasks’ view provides a complete list of all task assignments across all projects categorized into Planning Windows for ‘In Progress for Current Period’, ‘Near Future – Next 2 Periods’, ‘Distant Future’ and ‘Completed’.These planning windows make the viewing and managing of project tasks easier, because you can directly access the timeframe of interest.

We strongly encourage that comments be added to any tasks where there is a significant change (up or down) in the remaining work to help explain the change.If ‘Planned’ is not showing on your current view, select the ‘Options’ tab to reactivate the ribbon and then ensure that the ‘Planned’ checkbox is selected in the ‘Show/Hide section’.Each team member will be required to enter three key pieces of information into the timesheet: On a daily (worst-case weekly) basis, each team member will be expected to record hours by task by entering the actual hours worked on each task directly into the timesheet cells.When I execute a workflow to update the record, I've logged and verified it does trigger the business rule, but the update on the task record does not work.The only difference that I can see is that when the workflow is executing, it is running as 'guest', and not the actual user that triggered the workflow.

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The total of all time worked each week should never be less than the standard work hours for your organization.

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