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It was made in the shape of the Kingdom's map and was displayed at Jeddah International Airport.

The Cake had a photo-print of the founder of Saud dynasty ruling Arabian Peninsula.

Thus, on an average 90% of Saudi women have been forced into prostitution in the name of Misyar/Urfa fake marriages.

Salafis, Deobandis, Ikhwan and others who follow Salafism also are involved these kind of fake marriages all over the world. The issue of Bidda has been misunderstood by some people.

خرج من بطني فنظرت اليه فاذا انابه ساجد ثم رايت سحابة بيضاء قد اقبلت من السماء حتى غشيته فغيب عن وجھي ، ثم تجلت فاذا انابه مدرج في ثوب صوف ابيض وتحته حريرة خضراء وقد قبض على ثلٰثة مفاتيح من اللؤلوء الرطب واذا قائل يقول قبض محمد على مفاتيح النصرة ومفاتيح الربح ومفاتيح النبوة ثم اقبلت سحابة اخرٰى حتى غشيته فغيب عن عيني ثم تجلت فاذا انابه قد قبض على حريرة خضراء مطوية واذ قائل يقول بخٍ بخٍ قبض محمد على الدنيا کلھا لم يبق خلق من اھلھا الادخل في , (Published Al-Maktab al-Islami, Beirut), Vol. (2) Sunan al-Darimi, the chapter on Ma U’tiya al-Nabiyyu Min al-Fadl, (Published Dar al-Mahasin li al-Taba’ah, Cairo), Vol. (3) Al-Khasais al-Kubra, the chapter on Ma Zahara Fi Lailat Moulidi, (Published Markaz Ahl Sunnat, Gujarat), Vol.

It is written in his books "Shama'em Imdadiyya" and "Faisla Haft Mas'ala" as follows: mercy and 'noor' being showered over the gathering.

It is reported that the cake has entered the Guinness Book of Records as largest Cake of the world. It is well known fact that Salalfis have legitimized widespread prostitution in their society by way of fake marriages.

We have discussed briefly about this issue here so that our readers know facts in the light of Quran and Ahadith.

I do not say that I witnessed this extraordinary happening only from my physical eyes or exclusively from spiritual eyes; however when I considered about it closely, I realized that these kind of 'Anwaar' may have been the result of the Angels who attend these gatherings or it was the result of exclusive 'Rahma' from Allah However, they show a lot of happiness on the birth of a child in their homes.

They also celebrate birth days of their near and dear.

And it is guidance and mercy (too) for those who are blessed with faith. The Imam of Salafis, Deobandis, and like minded groups, Ibn Taymiyyah in his book "Majma' Fatawa Ibn Taymiyya", Vol. 163 and his book "Iqtida' al-sirat al-mustaqim", p. - "As far as what people do during the Milad, either as a rival celebration to that which the Christian do during the time of Christ's birthday or as an expression of their love and admiration and a sign of praise for the Noble Nabi like Rashid Gangohi, Qasim Nanotwi, Ya'qub Nanotwi, Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Mahmood-ul-Hasan, Husain Ahmad Tandvee, etc.

showed a lot of happiness on the gatherings related to the celebration of his Birth Day.

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