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La série est arrivée en tête mais France 2, qui diffusait le téléfilm inédit Fais danser la poussière, a également trouvé son public.

, "Boudu saved from the waters") is a 1932 French social satire comedy of manners film directed by Jean Renoir.

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Boudu was conceived primarily to make use of the genius of Michel Simon." Michel Simon called Boudu a pique-assiette, a sponger, while the writer Richard Boston rejected the idea that Boudu had much in common with the hippies of the late 1960s, as Pauline Kael had suggested.

"The Oxford English Dictionary says that hippie is a hipster; a person usually exotically dressed; a beatnik. Boudu doesn't reject conventional values: he never had them in the first place: you wouldn't catch him doing anything as pussy-footing as 'rejecting conventional values.' " Rather, Boston argues, Boudu is what the French call a marginal. An archetype, "these agents of chaos act out our secret desires.

Leo Vrinks and Denis Klein are two cops seeking promotion, ...

See full summary » Catherine, refuses to believe that her business partner, the unlikeable François, has a best friend, so she challenges him to set up an introduction.

See full summary » Louise, younger sister, natural and straightforward, lives in province; Martine, older sister, beautiful and aloof, lives in the Parisian upper middle class. Nolte also appeared in Trójka uciekinierów (1989), a remake of Uciekinierzy (1986),. S One more thing- I think the title sounds stupid:)i really liked the movie though.

Set in France during the struggle for Algerian independence, Messaoud's mother is terminally ill and his father, needing to work long hours in the factory, can't look after him, so decides ...

See full summary » In the underbelly of the Parisian criminal world, the Police are frustrated by a gang committing a series of violent robberies.

Ein Leben, das klemmt: da ist einerseits seine Frau Isolde (Catherine Frot), depressiv und unter ständigem Einfluss von Medikamenten und andererseits seine Kunstgalerie, kurz vor der Pleite.

Christian Lespinglet ist ein Bourgeois-Bohémien am Rande des Erstickungstods.

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Scrambling to find someone willing to pose as his best pal, François enlists the services of a charming taxi driver to play the part.

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