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Rodney is surprised for a minute, but then he dives right in licking her plump wet pussy with glee.Turns out Rodney has a problem too, his thick cock needs some sucking, so Luna gets on her knees and takes his big dick deep in her throat.The two take turns sucking and licking and licking and sucking until Rodney unloads his tool with a thick wad of goo all over her mouth.Added December 03 Luna Lee "Goo Girl Bad Girl" Luna Lee is at Step Daddy Rodney's just hanging out and talking on the phone when she finds a big black bag of Mom and Step Dad's kinky sex toys under the couch. Luna can't help herself so she grabs the dildo and starts sucking on it to get it all wet before pulling her panties aside and shoving it deep in her waiting pussy.She's really going at it when Rodney walks in and catches her pleasuring her plump pussy.

But Luna has other plans, and when Rodney asks about the problem, she pulls of her panties, spreads her legs and tells him the problem is her pussy needs a lickin!They continue to fuck and suck each other until he goos up her hole good.Added November 19 Eliza "Kinky Curves" Full bodied Eliza is shocked to discover a secret room at her boyfriend's place that's full of naughty, kinky toys.After watching a little bit of it, she's convinced the male actor in the scene is her Stepdaddy, Rodney.It sure does sound like him and that's his big nose too!!

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