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Found a mini at a good price on my local flea market. Having read lots of reviews that liken it to Poison, I thought this was a dead cert for a "love". Reviewer mschnabel666 hits the nail on the head "a mix of bal a versaille and poison" - Yes!! Also love the art deco style bottle This is a very sexy fragrance. Eventually it dries to a lovely non-sweet vanilla many hours later. It is very smokey and witchy, it really is intense but that is the kind of statement I want to make these days. The Packaging and the shape and design of the bottle is 'Art Deco' it could be from the Golden Hollywood Era, a gift from Howard Hughes to his many loves including Ava Gardner, Katherine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers ....

As I love both those frags, I'm disappointed that passion hasn't worked with skin. Passion radiates off me and is dark gothic powdery purple incense with an animalic edge. The opening is very smokey, civet, tobacco, and leather, a very vamp-y combination. It had great staying power from what I remember This is powerful stuff. I am sure when Elizabeth Taylor designed this fragrance she thought about the classic 'Art Deco' Era.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Liz Taylor and have worn her fragrance line (Diamonds and Rubies, White Diamonds Black Pearls) but Passion I remember smelling the Eau de Toilette at a drugstore one time in Atlanta and I thought it smelled horrible, much too musky and leathery, animalic, aggressive, dark and devil may care, unisex or like a man's cologne. I was just too fond of my feminine beauties like Yves Saint Laurent's PARIS and though I liked Orientals and more mature scents (I am pat my prime) I still prefer for them to have something that kept it fresh and perfumy and female friendly i.e. So for years I avoided this fragrance because I had such a bad first impression of it. I purchased the original vintage Eau de Toilette with the yellow diamond in the bottle as well as miniature dab on bottle from e Bay.

I hadn't realized that what I smelled on that drugstore shelf was a reformulation.

I think my mother may have worn it and I didnt like it. (He was an elderly gentleman who had taken a shine to her, and our family). It wasn't the same for her, although Passion definitely belongs to the Power Frag group of the illustrious '80s. I smell most of all the incense the musk also sandal and cedar wood. I wear it in fall and winter time for evening parties and the theater Broadway shows in Manhattan. What I do get is one bad-boy blast of smoky incense, a powerful gardenia & ylang ylang combination and aldehydes galore. However, I actually don't have "summer perfumes" and Passion seems ok for summer nights (okay, once I also wore it to the beach lol). Ingredients wise, they are of good quality, perfectly blended to compliment a fur coat, a diamond necklace, a beautiful dress.

I love perfumes so to say this one scares me and it's the only scent I've ever been too afraid to spray on me , tells me this is the Queen Beast of fragrances. My dad tried to find something to take the place of that atom bomb of a fragrance for my mother's dresser. The ad campaign for Passion was unforgettable, much like its namesake. I bought this parfum from because I cannot find it anywhere near me where I live in New York. I have seen her movies A Place In The Sun Giant Cleopatra. There is civetta which is very musky animalic and this part of the parfum is different for me because I am not used to this smell but is very nice, a little like powder. Parfum to wear with beautiful clothes black dresses and leather like leather boots leather jackets and coats or fur coats. If you like oriental perfumes, don't be afraid to try Passion (at least the vintage version). A soirée, a gala, and why not ladies who lunch; perfect occasions to wear Passion.

Also can be found at bargain prices, and the sillage and longevity are epic!! The vintage EDT is a clear glass bottle with purple/greyish juice. Passion is a dark room with scented candles and incense. It starts with fresh aldehydes and then, civet, honey, smoke,sandalwood, spices catch your soul. I'm into vintages now, classics, and I wanted to revisit Passion and have it for my massive collection. It's f****ng cold this winter of 2017/2018 and man... I rarely apply perfume to my bare skin because I'm oily by genetics, but extremely dry due to climate/winter. As its sitting on my skin and warming up the screaming starts to settle down into shouting and some sweet notes start showing up and rounding things off. Base - Vanilla, Sandlewood,oakmoss,patchouli, Musk I have yet to test 'Bal a Versailles' so I cannot make a comparison, but apparently 'Passion' is Elizabeth Taylor version of 'Bal a Versailles' as it was her favourite perfume, and she wore it all the time until she designed her own line of luxury fragrances. I own a variety of perfumes (Britney Spears, Lolita Lempicka, Hanae Mori, etc), but did not have a smoky oriental...well, now I do; and I love it!!!

I would sneak in after school and spray it on whatever I was going to wear the next STUCK TO ME! I keep a bottle in my collection (84 fragrances strong today) at all times. Spraying this opens up a portal to another world, or perhaps as the scent develops; to a mysterious room. Intoxicating at first and enchanting in the dry down. lilac...balsamic..covered with green notes and smoky woods. The flowers are blended so that not one stands out, apart from maybe the creamy tuberose but mostly gardenia.

A purplish grape-like cassis wine scent emerges from the fragrance's opening notes.

It smells like wine and grapes, purple smoke, aldehydes, and spices.

This is like one of those fabulous old school classic fragrances I could only wear this at night as it is just too hot to handle by day lol The more I wear it the more I like it. The drydown is predominantly strong oakmoss with a hint of vetiver and patchouli, and the sandalwood feels very creamy and buttery. Smelling it blind I would never have thought of it as a celebrity or drugstore fragrance; instead it is in the same quality ballpark as any designer scent from the decade.

If you enjoy drama powerhouses and are ok with just a bit too much animalics, this is for you.

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