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I switched to his office from a recommendation from a Facebook mommy board. All are motivated to becoming better golfers and with Dr. Jeff (Sports Medicine Director, Finish Line Coordinator) would like to thank everyone involved for making the day run smoothly. Consistently checked to see how I was feeling during my cleaning and even played a movie of my choice. I recently left Guerrino Dentistry of Scarsdale mid treatment, and it's the best desicion I've made. So far, I have had the best experience I could have possibly asked for. Suh is patient and thorough, and quick with the work. Suh is very kind, he takes his time to be sure your comfortable and you completely understand your treatment plan. All the latest equipment is there from a super stand up x-ray machine to a mini lcd camera that takes pictures of your teeth like Hollywood! His office is very modern, and always keeps up with the most current equipment and technology. Suh talks you through the whole process so you know what to expect while he is doing the fillings. A nice innovation is the color photos of all the teeth in your mouth, allowing you to see what that cavity actually looks like! He has really good technique, I didn't feel any pain or even sensitivity while he was working, and the results looked good. That being said, I had the most comprehensive visit. State of the art office, and everything very clean and bright. I felt very comfortable asking questions about procedures as well as billing. He has excellent bedside manners and I truly appreciate that he's a perfectionist. Office is brand new with very up to date equipment and amenities. Suh was very thorough and took his time to explain his work. She had to have a lot of work done and is a very nervous person so we needed someone with a gentle hand but also put their patient at ease with their professionalism. She is patient, hospitable and takes her time to make sure we are aware of everything step by step. She's said she'll call with an estimate and never does. The hygienists I've dealt with both times have also been very sweet. My experience was truly superb and I couldn't recommend Dr. I have had some horrific teeth cleanings but I cannot express enough how smooth the cleaning went ! Shu has state of the art technology including a panoramic x-ray which makes that whole process easier. Shu's assistant was also very friendly and thorough. Since I was a little girl I have been very scare of dentist, there was never a pleasant experience. Suh and the hygienist were very kind and patient with me. After years of neglect, I had truly become phobic out of embarrassment, and fear. Hilary D Probably the best experience I've ever had at a dentist office Dr. One key highlight is that he can give the anesthetic injection with no pain. I have had a cleaning and a few fillings done there and Dr. Suh and staff are very pleasant and patient, answering any and all my questions and very attuned to any pain you may be experiencing during any phase of the treatment. You know when you've found a really good provider you can completely trust, and that is Dr. He takes the time to explain what will be done, and also show you via photos. The price was much more expensive than I was expecting and I felt pressured to have the panoramic x-ray. The color pictures on the big screen made clear every area of every tooth and why you might be experiencing a problem. I and my family will definitively have my dental care on Dr. Very professional, extremely meticulous and very detail-oriented. Suh took great care in his patient and the work he does. His head receptionist is probably the only hiccup in the office. She's called me multiple times to confirm insurance after I've specifically said I will pay out of pocket. I felt very well taken care of from the moment I stepped into the office starting from the office manager to the dental assistant to Dr. The office is in pristine condition, which is what you'd want a dentist to look like (although it's not always the case). Suh was very thorough in examining my teeth and made sure everything was in good condition, even though I was only getting my teeth whitened. The office looks very modern/trendy and the ambiance is soothing.Psychology Today does not warrant or represent that Psychology Today directory or any part thereof is accurate or complete.

I provide a space to speak openly, in confidence, and work in a way that tailors the process to each individual. Suh explained everything thoroughly and is passionate about his practice. Shu deals with his patients one on one and makes sure you leave his office ?? He's friendly and takes the time to explain what's going on with your teeth. I felt seen and heard, as well as served and treated. I will always struggle with the dentist, but it really helps to have full confidence that you're in skilled hands. The support staff have all been very professional, and kind. Suh (my last dentist always had the hygienist do that) and it was quick and virtually painless. Suh and, as with my prior visit, I am totally pleased. This is by far the best dental office I've ever visited! I left their office just so happy and I highly recommend his practice ! Suh was, hands down, the best dentist I have ever been treated by. He laid all of my deep-rooted fears of going to the dentist to rest. He was articulate about the treatment plan, kind enough to explain in detail, and patient when I was feeling anxious. Staff was helpful and professional, there was no waiting time, and Dr. Suh to anyone looking for a positive dental experience Super-friendly, helpful, and personable staff. Jeff himself is very friendly and nice while professional and thorough. He even took the time to explain what he had done today, using picture of my tooth during the root canal. I always feel like I'm their only patient, every single visit. To top it all off, you go into a screening room to check out your exam with Dr. This, along with the xrays, are all shown during the consultation on a large wide screen monitor. I couldn't even tell there were fillings there, they blended so well. The overall experience with everyone I spoke with at the office as well as the atmosphere was amazing! He did some dental work and I am more than pleased with the results. Would recommend highly to anyone looking for a nice, clean office with a knowledgable staff and dentist. We are very pleased and made my mom feel like a priority. The new receptionist, Christina, has a much better personality. Once she's fully trained, she'll be a wonderful asset to the office. The office manager is also a consultant and was well informed when it came to my insurance coverage. I can tell he is caring and all about the patient's comfort. Everyone in his office is super friendly and caring. I cannot say enough about them :) Dr Jeff is a great dentist. I'm a big baby when it comes to visiting the dentist, but Dr. Suh to anyone I know looking for a very knowledgeable, respectful, and professional with great bedside manners. He is smart, he is funny, and makes everything very easy for me. Suh's office is great, the staff is very friendly and helpful. had a few fillings done and it was a very positive experience. He also treats his staff so well which is nice to see. Shu shared with me that he used to practice in downtown Manhattan and that he opened up this office in Scarsdale about a year ago and it shows ! For anyone looking for an awesome Dentist, look no more. Dr Jeff will always be my dentist and I have recommended my friends and family to his practice!

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