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Ahhh trotting out the ol’ “oxymoron” jokes this early, huh? It’s not like they’re original enough to need explanation. Now I don’t know if my tone is conveying the fury I feel about this, but I am, pardon my French, “bonjour.” [laughs] Okay I went through some more but there are so many.

The Ivy League is actually an athletic conference and is made up of Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. And you pretty much recognize all of them because they’ve all been used in old movies or cartoons or something. Such an 80s standby, alongside the always classic Garfield phone, huge lips phone, “car” phone, and all manner of other novelty phones. Anyway, I also watched a bunch of the original TV series a while back. Just let your fond 80s memories of Knight Rider and Michael Knight remain intact and unmolested.

[shows Liz set of Jenna Baby dolls] I’ve been selling these on QVC for years. I., sucky sucky five dollar,” which probably didn’t make the network censor cut. Aaron Sorkin, American screenwriter, producer and playwright, did indeed write the 1992 movie A Few Good Men, wrote for the 1999-2006 TV series The West Wing, and wrote the 2011 movie The Social Network. If you want to save this dumb show you gotta get the fans involved. You thought that I would lick your boots, but you need me.

[Update:] Reader Deb points out: QVC shopping channel – it’s the same place that Joan Rivers flogs her costume jewellery tat. He also wrote the 2006 TV series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip which was cancelled after a single season. [Update:] Reader Blake mentions: That is certainly a presidential walk and apparently a Sorkin trademark, they made fun of it in like the first season, I think episode S01E04 “Jack The Writer,” Liz and Pete walk in a circle ending up where they began like they did here, they did it a lot in the West Wing apparently. You go on someone’s profile and click the Poke button and it shows up on their wall. You know, like sometimes people mail stuff to networks to show how passionate they are. [laughs] You came all the way out here – to Brooklyn – to offer me – Banks – a job. So now I’m going to make you let me lick your boots. Granted, I’m not a dog owner but I’ve been around enough to know this isn’t a thing.

Granted, I’m a little insulated in my exposure to new TV, which I hear about only though word-of-mouth or some online recommendation. If the network were thriving it would be one thing, but my programming has yet to find it’s footing. We have Dutch readers;) Jasper wrote in: My native language is Dutch and this is what the actice says: “Ik zie een hand die deze mes opheft… If you’re rich please fund some of this research as 30 years is too long to wait. Not sure what Hank thought this would be, but it’s a ballet-based psychological thriller. My best guess is Hank, being a traditionalist, is talking about an old western, and “fella with no hair” has to be Yul Brynner, so I’m guessing the movie is maybe the 1960 Magnificent Seven. When the administration started to falter because of our conspiracy- I mean Obama’s ineptitude, he tried to distance himself publicly from uh… The speech shown was made by Obama shortly after the May 20, 2010 vote by the senate “for legislation designed to reshape U. financial regulation and create a new consumer-protection agency to prevent abuses in mortgage, automobile and credit card lending.” Here’s the video from the White House of that speech (from a different angle). And he was all “oh I’ll just look at these books” then pretended to get a text and left. And not tell him.” [snickers] John Paulson is the president of the Paulson & Co. He’s a big financial muckity muck, but I’m sure you gleaned that from the dialogue. anything else interesting in the Wikipedia article? [laughs] So I throw him a lifeline: if he comes crawling back like a gay, uh… It’s like an online resume and a businessman’s Facebook all in one. It’s been running since 2001 and there are lots of international variants. Took me awhile to find the Olive she’s talking about, but it’s West Olive Avenue in Los Angeles, specifically Burbank.

I’ve just now sort of convinced myself I’m not actually the best person to be running this site;) ANYWAY. TWINKS is an acronym designed to project a positive gay image. Named after the Twinkie (golden, of little substance, and full of cream), a twink is indeed “a young or young-looking gay man (in his late teens or early twenties) with a slender build, little or no body hair, and no facial hair.” (Thank you, Wikipedia.) They’re the opposite of the bear. het is heel donker, er is een houten klomp en een windmolen! ” language police: the person who wrote this isn’t dutch, “deze mes” should be “dit mes” (~these knife / this knife) the girl who acted isn’t dutch, she has a great accent but some words like minister are off and the dutch translation of mentalist is… Within 30 years we should have endless free nanobots that can self-replicate and make us anything we can imagine from (basically) free raw materials. For an excellent (and entertaining) primer, check out K. He was in a few more westerns, but that was the most famous. 30 Rock loves them their Star Wars references and so do I. You can see there’s actually no one at all next to the president, so all four people including Banks were composited into the shot. Showed up at John Paulson’s sweet sixteen billion party. He’s the world’s 45th richest man, worth .4 billion by the end of 2010. Although the implication here is if you’re unsuccessful enough to need to be on Linked In, you’re career’s already dead. The “commenting” thing refers to these certain websites on the Internet that are devoted to specific shows. And yes, it just turns into Bartham Road as it goes past Griffith Park.

He also called the language “African” as if there is only one. “Simba” and “Rafiki” are two main characters from Disney’s 1994 movie The Lion King, being a lion who’s the son of the ruler of the land and a baboon wise man respectively.

There are a few languages with clicks in them, including Xhosa and Zulu, but all probably adopted the clicks from the Khoisan languages.

I found a You Tube video giving a bit a basic language lesson in Nama, one of the Khoisan languages. Fishing, marches by John Philip Sousa, telephones that look like footballs, but there’s one thing I don’t like: losing money.

Beginning in 1990 Murphy took up the role of Tom Servo following the departure of original puppeteer and voice Josh Weinstein.

He first appeared in the second (national) season's debut episode Rocketship X-M.

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