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Those who refuse to help themselves, who are ungrateful, hostile and violent in the face of assistance, those who will not work or will not educate themselves …

these are the people who will have the toughest time. Because those who might otherwise be inclined to help would rather help those who are grateful for the hand up, rather than those who spit on the hand out.

And by the 1970’s women had come “such a long way, Baby”, that flirting was now entrenched in society as a norm for women.

This confusion could be due, in part, to the diminished respect for women overall.

If you were born poor, in all likelihood you stayed poor – and we’re talking starvation-level poor, not “I can’t afford an i Pod” poor. But success, well, you’ll find all kinds of people got rich writing books on how to succeed, and still do. The point here is that becoming prosperous is not a bad thing; it’s a good thing. As one tired commenter noted, “Why are the poor always exonerated from any responsibility in their plight?

Your opportunities were virtually nonexistent, and the government (whether it was kings or dictators) blocked any attempts at self-improvement. In this unique experiment, people were given the freedom to rise as high as they liked through hard work and thrift. My sister-in-law’s family came from Taiwan in the ’80s with nothing more than a suitcase apiece and the grateful determination to succeed in a new country when they couldn’t in the nation of their birth. The poor are always pious and innocent, never held to a higher moral or ethical responsibility. dropping out of school are all touted as virtue rather than shame by the left.

What happens when perfectly able-bodied individuals refuse and reject any and all opportunities to reduce their dependency?

How long can it last before those giving assistance throw up their hands and say, “No more”?

This attitude stretches back millennia and was frequently used by the well-off to justify tightening their purse strings when it came to charity.Learn how to achieve a simple lifestyle without “going green” or joining a monastery.Read Patrice Lewis’ helpful book, “The Simplicity Primer: 365 Ideas for Making Life more Livable” Ironically, we may soon see a lot more broke people.Yet there are certainly plenty of allusions to the triune God in scripture and likewise, there are plenty of allusions to flirting and, if we look at the content of flirting, as well as it’s actual purpose and definition, we can easily find Scripture to address the issue.Flirtation is not found as a positive activity in the Bible.

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