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In fact, some sources maintain that it remained an independed Sheikhdom ruled by a Libyan tribal chief until Roman times.

The two temples that we know of, both dedicated to Amun, were established by Ahmose II and Nectanebo II.

At this point the Siwa may have been an independent republic.

He goes on to say that it was populated by strange and fearsome animals and that the people were plagued by unusual diseases.

However, he also says of the Siwa that its fertility was legendary, citing an "orange-tree as large as an Egyptian sycamore, producing fourteen thousand oranges every year". One of the main historical references we have on the Siwa Oasis is called the "Siwan Manuscript" which was written during the middle ages and serves as a local history book.

It tells us of a benevolent man who arrived in the Oasis and planted an orchard.

In fact, there is almost nothing known of the Siwa Oasis during Egypt's ancient history.

There have been no monuments discovered dating from the Old, Middle or New Kingdoms.

The Siwan people are mostly Berbers, the true Western Desert indigenous people, who once roamed the North African coast between Tunisia and Morocco.Almost immediately after taking Egypt from the Persians and establishing Alexandria, Alexander the Great headed for the Siwa Oasis to consult the now famous Oracle of Amun.This trip, made with a few comrades, is well documented.However, by 1203 we are told that the population of the Siwa Oasis had declined to as low as 40 men from seven families due to constant attacks and particularly after a rather viscous Bedouin assault.In order to found a more secure settlement, they moved from the ancient town of Aghurmi and established the present city called Shali, which simply means town.

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